Medical Play: Enema Fun

This sissy loves enemas - adores them actually. How did such a humble sissy come to adore having their bottom flooded with liquid? It came about because I really love having my bottom penetrated but I don’t really like scat. I don’t want to see it, smell it, feel it, or clean it off my toys. I started with a simple bulb syringe to clean out my rectum and that did a good job… until you had a bowel movement. Getting a deep cleansing enema can eliminate the risk of having to deal with a bowel movement for many hours, so I started doing that. 


Perhaps it was the positive association of receiving and enema and then having great anal play or perhaps it was the fact that I enjoy having my insides filled but I really started liking enemas for their own sake.

I typically start off using the bulb syringe after using a bit of lube on my sissy hole. The bulb syringe doesn’t hold much liquid but it helps get rid of whatever might be lurking in my rectum. I then repeat using the syringe but add a bit of mineral oil to the mix for added lubrication.

I follow this up with a two quart bag of warm water, filled halfway with warm –not hot - water. I make sure that I start on my left side when I receive the fluid since your colon turns to that side just above the rectum. By being on your left side, gravities works with you rather than against you. When about half the fluid has been emptied, I roll on my back to help the fluid penetrate deeper. Unless I set the value to administer things fairly slowly, I have a hard time retaining the enema for very long. Sometimes, it is really fun to experience the distress caused by holding in the enema.

After I evacuate the first enema, I fill the enema bag with warm water and a cup or so of mineral oil. The mineral oil helps lube my insides and makes it easier for playtime later on. I usually repeat this step until I evacuate only clear liquid.

At this point, I either stop the cleaning or I start doing something creative, like a coffee enema. Coffee enemas are fun provided that you don’t use cream or sugar since those can irritate your insides and cause cramps.

I generally don’t advise enema with alcohol since they will get you really wasted, really fast and I know someone who ended up in the hospital from alcohol poisoning. If you do decide to add alcohol to your enema mixture, make sure to dilute it down - a lot! Some enema fanss will add a mild soap, like Dr Bronners castle soap. Don’t even think about using typical hand soaps or dishwashing detergents as they are way too harsh for your tender insides and can harm the “good bacteria” that lives inside your intestines.

Some folks who are into punishment enemas, as part of an S&M or D/s kink, will use mixtures that purposely cause discomfort, such as lemon juice. I once had an enema after having Alka Setzer tablets inserted up my ass and I swear that I will never do that again!


I have always wanted to try using a double balloon inflatable retention nozzle. It has a balloons that expand on either side of your anus so that it blocks any liquid from escaping. Unfortunately, these are quite expensive, like $100 - $150 or more and, from what I have read, often last only so long before a balloon ruptures.

Another fantasy of mine is to get a piss enema. Either from a guy as he has his cock rammed deep in my bowels or from a woman who fills an enema bag for me and empties it into my ass as I am eating her out - preferably after she has had some hunk deposit a load up her. 

I am not sure why piss enemas intrigue me but it seems like it is for slightly different reasons for getting one from a guy rather than a girl. With a guy, it is somewhat of a submissive act. With a girl, I keep focusing on the female hormones that are typically found in a woman's urine - especially if she is on birth control pills. Absorbing her pee is something like becoming more like her, absorbing part of her. Kind of like when you swallow your partner's cum... It indicates acceptance, a joining, a merging of bodies by exchanging bodily fluids.

Some folks tell me that trying to retain an enema while fucking is an earth-shattering experience. Not just because of the distress one feels trying to retain the fluid while bouncing about, but the fact that it is nearly impossible to hold the fluid during climax.

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