Miss Trans Star Internacional 2010

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More Fabriana Spears - doing a painter

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Compilation of Shemales Toying

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Fruits & Veggies

Yep I know this is old news already, but I'm still obsessing over these prints! And I still HAVE to lay my hands on something similar ASAP!

"Fruits & Veggies" by roxanne21 on Polyvore

Any leads in Mumbai???
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Vicki Ricter and friends

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Catching up..

Just yesterday I met one of my besties who is back from the US. She worked in Disney for about a year in their cultural program to introduce Indian culture.. She also got mistaken for Princess Jasmine a lot!!

Tanisha and myself

What I love about us together, is that even though we never stay in touch (my fault usually), when we meet even after 1-2 years, it just  feels like yesterday was the last time we spoke. We certainly have that sisterly bond.. Inseparable from kindergarten to high school.. 

 With our friend Shawn

 And it always so happens, that whenever we go shopping, we end up getting the same things. I remember looking at her picture once from UK and mine from Milan and realising we're wearing the same tunic!! 

Do have that same bond with your best friend??

 With my sister, Sheehan

 No I don't actually play the bass, however I self taught myself the guitar a few years ago, but I'm out of touch now..

 That's what I do.. Ruin pictures for fun!

 Word of advice. When you wear a short dress, and even though you think you are sitting properly and decently, it never is the case. From some angle, it will look inappropriate! 

My mommy and daddy <3

My love for animals.. Hehe

Anyways the reason we met was to discuss plans for the upcoming UEFA finals. Yep I'm a crazy footie fan, and I'm supporting Italy (although I highly doubt they'll get past Germany at the semis) and Spain..

And I never meant to blog about this, but, I just had to share what I was wearing.

Just last week I was in Delhi for 3-4 days for a shoot, and although I didn't get a chance to shop, I managed to pick up two dresses from Lajput Nagar market for 100rs each. Yep that green 'Dorothy Perkins' dress is just for 100!!
The neckpiece is from Aldo and the bracelets (the black triple spikes, the orange bangle and the black studded) are from Bangkok, a gift and Hill Road respectively.

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Natalie and her Inflatable Butt-Plug

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Clutch That!

Clutch bags. My obsession for a long time now. Why? Because it's so freaking cute! and very versatile too.

 I recently bought one from HongKong with studs (my favorite) and this particular 'clutch' doubles up as a wristlet, an across body bag, and a clutch with a mini strap and of course a plain old clutch.. I'm totally in LOVE with it. I got it just yesterday, because while packing in HK, it went in my aunt's luggage and ended up in Dubai, but we are together again at last!!

So since for the last 24 hours, I have been looking very lovingly at my new bag, I decided to analyse other clutch bags too.. 

Here are some of my favorite picks..

"The Envelope Clutch" by roxanne21 on Polyvore
There's something really cute and very girly about envelope clutches. It's like carrying around a piece of your favorite mail, in a cute color or print. And don't worry, you will not look like a mail man if you carry one of these! Yes my sister says the silliest things at times!!


"The Quilted Clutch" by roxanne21 on Polyvore
Anything quilted reminds me of Chanel. Like these black ballerinas I had, which got worn out, so I bought another new one.. And then another.. Something about quilting is just so classic and yet  so modern. Owning at least one quilted bag is a must I say, irregardless  whether if it's a clutch or any other type!


"The Over Sized Clutch" by roxanne21 on Polyvore
On some days, when you have a lot to carry around, these babies are the best. Stuff whatever you want in them!


"The fun quirky clutch" by roxanne21 on Polyvore
Sometimes a clutch is so boring you just have to take it up a notch. Onto a completely different level. These beauties are hot stuff, and are best suited for night outs or drinks with the girls (because only girls will appreciate it, boys make fun!)

"The Wristlet Clutch" by roxanne21 on Polyvore
If you don't like carrying a clutch in your hands, adopt one of these wristlets, and let it just dangle along from your wrist.. This is what I call a lazy person's clutch!


"The Box Clutch" by roxanne21 on Polyvore
This is probably the more subtle version of the quirky one. If you are not that bold enough, one of these will do just fine. Again perfect for parties and night outs.


Now if only I could have them all!! *DREAMS*

Sets made with Polyvore and all other images from Chictopia
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A bimbo on "Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader"

A bimbo on "Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader"
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Gorgeous Flats

As much as we would all love to rock those 5 inch (or even 6) stilettos, our feet need a lot of love & care. Torturing your feet in high heels is not advisable. Sometimes its good to give your feet, which I must say are the most hard-working parts in everyone's body, a little bit of rest.

No you don't have to stop walking, but wear comfortable shoes so that your feet don't suffer!

Here are some gorgeous alternatives to sink your feet into..

Bright Colored Sandals, created by roxanne21 on Polyvore

Printed Ballerinas, created by roxanne21 on Polyvore

Fun-filled Sneakers!, created by roxanne21 on Polyvore

Cute flip-flops, created by roxanne21 on Polyvore

Oxfords and Brogues, created by roxanne21 on Polyvore

But remember, flats might not always help. Its always good to keep shoes with different heels, each that come with their own pros and cons.

For example, wearing entirely flat shoes are not very good either.

Make sure your flats have good support, so that there is no stress on your heels, while you walk. I have always experienced this horrible pain right at my heels when I wear flats for more than 8-9 hours.

Its also been proven that flats can strain the achilles tendon that runs from the back of the heel, and also the calf muscles in the back of the leg!

Flip flops are also considered one of the worst as there is no support whatsoever.

So hence, when you buy your next pair of flats, try and settle for a little cushioning at the heel and do not wear them for long hours.
On days when you get feet pain, soak them in warm water for a while.
It's absolutely okay if your flats have a tiny built in hidden wedge heel.
And finally, alternate between your shoes. One day wear high heels, another day, wear some flats and the other a nice pair of wedges. 

Sometimes functionality is way better than fashion. Just sometimes!
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Tally Weijl Campaign

Ok this was totally my favorite store in Milan (besides Bershka) And this one I could totally afford.. Oh I just wish I could go back just to shop here!!

Campaign 1
Campaign 2
Campaign 3
Campaign 4
Campaign 5
Campaign 6Campaign 8
Campaign 7

Look 1
Look 2
Look 3
Look 4
Look 5
Look 6
Look 7
Look 8Look 9
Look 10
Look 11
Look 12
Look 13
Look 14
Look 15

To show you how cute and affordable this brand is, here is one of my favorite looks with a complete breakdown..

Campaign 4
29,95 euros
15,95 euros
12,95 euros

Unfortunately they retail only in Europe!

Even when I was in Milan I always visited their website, only for this song.. It's just so cute. Whenever I opened the page, it played, and it would drive my bf crazy!

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