“Are you a sissy cocksucker now?”

“Are you a sissy cocksucker now?”

I couldn't respond. I just looked down. Down towards the floor. Down at my legs and at the black pantyhose that I was wearing. I noticed a run on left left knee... above it, cum stains. There were cum stains on my pleated skirt too.

She repeated the question.

“Yes,” I said softly.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes. I'm a cocksucker."

"What kind of cocksucker, Darling?"

Tears started to obscure my vision. "A sissy one... a sissy cocksucker" I whimpered.

"Shhhhh. That's my baby. There is no need to cry. You know, I am so proud of you - so happy that you understand what you are." She tenderly stroked my hair. 

"And now that you are a sissy cocksucker, what do you eat?"

I meekly mumbled "I eat sperm.” I heard her sigh softly.

She grabbed my hair and turned my head so that I could see my reflection in the mirror. I met her eyes in the reflection.

“Tell her,” she instructed, “that girl doesn’t believe you. Convince her!

I looked my reflection in the eyes.

“I eat sperm. I like to eat sperm. I am a sperm-eating sissy cocksucker,” I told myself.

“You are, aren’t you?” I nodded shyly.

“Tell her. She’s not listening. She can’t believe what you are saying.”

“I eat sperm,” I said, my voice growing with self realization and acceptance, “I AM a sperm-eating sissy cocksucker.”

 I took a long look at myself and smiled.
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Happy Easter - Outfit and hair

Firstly, Happy Easter everyone. Usually Easter is mass at 8:30 and a party followed soon after with friends, half of which are booze-starved or meat-starved as they keep fasts for lent.

Also the last month that went by, was super crazy and work dedicated. At the beginning of the week, my mum asked me what I was going to wear for Easter, which I had completely forgotten about. To my rescue, came this emerald green fabric, that I picked up 2 years ago (Oh yeah, I can forecast fashion trends well!) Also we went for a simple, and easy pattern, as my tailor has been taxed with making everyone's Easter outfits!

And about the hair - Yes the first of it's kind. Now I'm luckily blessed with nice hair. But a month ago, I had mild typhoid, which renders hair loss as a side effect. And again with the work and crazy hours, I had no time to take care of myself. That's when I discovered TRESemm√© and their solution for hair loss. 
A week of usage, and I can already clearly see results. 
They also have this thing called 'Ramp -ready hair'.
Now I know that when we do shows, we usually prefer either poker straight hair, or have it tied back 
with a small puff, as it's easier to change and goes with almost every look.
So here is my ramp ready hair, or church-ready hair! I decided to stick to my natural hair, 
without straightening or blow drying, and just add a tiny braid across as a hair band.
Oh and yes, I trimmed my hair as well!

A non fuss, regular braid, that can originate from either left or ride side. If you fancy, you can add more than one as well. 
The next time I do this,  I'm going to add three, each a different size and style!

P.S - I don't blow dry my hair, I towel dry or just let it dry naturally.
Also I do not use any other product, besides the shampoo and conditioner, not even for special occasions. 

Outfit Breakdown

Emerald green dress - Tailored

Belt, neckpiece and pumps - Hill Road

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Bruna Delicinha

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Sissy Hypno: Sissy Swallow

Sissy Hypno: Sissy Swallows

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Empty Sacs, Beautiful Empty Sacs

Don't you wish your sac was as empty and small as these gurls?

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