Anna Semenovich: Bimbo Icon

Anna Grigoryevna Semenovich was born on the 1st of March 1980 in Moscow and is Russian figure skater, TV presenter, singer, and actress.

Anna was going in for figure skating since the age of 3. After school, she has entered Moscow State Academy of Physical Training and earned a great many awards in competition.

At the age of 21, Anna entered the music scene and gained a bit of notoriety with the band “Brilliant.” 


 She also tried her hand as an actress and appeared in a number of films and on televisions.

Having big boobs and wonderfully vapid appearance, Anna Semenovich has been seen in many male magazines such as “Maxim”, “XXL”, and “FHM.”

 For many years, people have wondered if her magnificent breasts were just a “gift of nature” or enhanced surgically. While Anna denied any such enhancements, most experts think that she is disingenuous about such claims.

Even if Anna had surgeries to improve her body, so what? She is lovely and a true icon for any bimbo!

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