Braccialini - bags and more

When I was in Milan, my tram always passed this huge sqaure that had a big-ass poster of a crazy looking handbag.. I was thus introduced to Braccialini. 

The bag featured in the ad! And what made me think of the brand again was my trip last week, where I saw a copy of this very same bag! And let me remind you, I was in Milan about 2 years ago! Still its just so cute!!

I love how quirky their designs are.. The reason why I didn't buy that bag (irregaredless of the prcie) is because I generally hate buying rip-offs.. If I do own some, it's because I find out they were copies only after buying them. Like I will get something that looks similar to a branded one, but an actual fake or a copy is just too much

Anyways here are some more from Braccialini

3623822_124bragufobianco (450x508, 45Kb)




3623822_019braccialini_girasole_con_strass_e_sfere_legno_euro_828 (392x336, 25Kb)

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