Tampons, Bananas, and Other Fun Insertables

As faithful readers of APS know, this sissy has a thing for anal. For me, it is much more than just a "thing." It is almost an obsession. I am a "catcher" rather than a "pitcher" so I get a tremendous thrill from having my bottom penetrated - and not just penetrated, but stuffed!

My most favorite thing to have up my sissy ass is a warm cock shooting jets of hot jism deep into my bowels. Also near the top of "Sarah's Favorite Things To Have Up Her Ass" are tampons. Tampons have the added benefit of being uniquely feminine. No man has any reason whatsoever to use a tampon so having a tampon in me makes me feel less of a man and much more femmy. 

It has been a fun challenge at times to see how many tampons I get nest inside of me. Also fun is to stretch my sissy hole by seeing how many tampons applicator tubes I can insert side-by-side at one time (the record currently stands at nine Super Plus sized Kotex applicators!).

Recently, I have been experimenting with "packing." Packing is stuffing your insides for the sake of fullness rather than the stimulation of the prostate or anal intercourse. I have to say that I have picked up a new perverse hobby!

I did a bit of reading online in one of the many kinky forums that I frequent (I believe it was www.zity.biz) that discussed putting various things up one's ass. Two items instantly appealed to me - frozen bananas and marshmallows.

I am not much for frozen things inside of me, so I didn't actually freeze the bananas totally. I left them in the freezer long enough that they were solid and stiff. While I want the bananas to be turgid, I did not want to be so. So out comes the extra small cock ring that I place over my clitty and sheballs. Not so tight as to cut off all circulation but tight enough to really cut down on that nasty little clit's ability to enlarge.

I cut the bananas in half as was suggested and gave myself a series of deep cleansing enemas - the last one a mixture of water and mineral oil to lube me up inside. I also lubed my excited little hole and then sank the first fruit tube inside me. Having had a lot of things stretch my hole, it went it with no problem and easily settle in behind my sphincter. The next one went it fairly easily too. It was at this point that I realized that I would have been better off not cutting the banana's in half so that they can reach more deeply into me.

Mental note: next time buy the really large, think, long bananas.

It quickly became apparent that I needed something to help push the bananas up inside of me. Thankfully, I have a rather big box of toys so I grabbed a one of my smaller toys. This one, a long, clear plastic probe made for massaging a prostate ended up just smashing the fruit into a pulp inside of me. So, I grabbed one of the dongs that is about 2 inches thick. Yea, that smashed the banana even more, it did push it deep inside my colon.

With a smile on my lipsticked lips, I continued with the three other bananas.  It did get kind of messy but it was a interesting feeling being that packed. I couldn't help myself and I went back to the prostate probe and gave my sissy G spot a bit of a workout. My restrained clitty did leak somewhat and I did get a nice sissygasm.

Unlike tampons, which have a string that you can use to retrieve them, I had to let nature take its course to expel the bananas. Much of the material came out fairly easily as a bowel movement but it took a while for all of it the vacate the premises. In a way, that was really cool as it was a reminder of how much of a sissy I am.

Next up, fun with marshmallows!
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