When In-FB, decided to have a sheer remix, I was so overjoyed, because I have so many sheer things, from tunics to dresses and other random stuff.. I pulled all of them out and wondered, what to use, and with what..

And after all that dilemma, and a million 'Is this okay' to my mum and sister, I finally realized what could be better than a saree?

So here it is, me, in my Indian avatar!

This is why I don't wear sarees a lot. My tattoo gets me weird looks from aunties! 
Yes it says 'Music is my life'. It totally is..

Too filmy? 

I realized without flash, pictures turned up a lot better..

Blogger pose :-P

My dad's phone charger made it in my pictures!

Indian baubles..

I totally asked my mom if this was okay to put online, and she approved.

The lovely photographer, my little sister Sheehan. She doesn't like kisses clearly!

Outfit breakdown

Saree - Made To Drape (an online saree initiative by my mom and myself, where we make/modify sarees) See the one I'm wearing here
Bustier bra - (Bought it during their sale for hardly £11)
Neck piece - Hill Road 
Earrings - Santa Cruz market
Belt - Hill Road
Shoes - Aldo

Ok I'll admit that's not a saree blouse (you don't have to be Einstein to figure that out) but also, I'm not wearing a petticoat.. Just my night shorts!

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